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Dr. Edna’s Bare Ease Update; 2 Years After The Shark Tank!

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As a male; The word “waxing” reminds me of two things that paralyze me with terror:

  1. Hot wax being poured in the nether regions and then stripped violently like a Quentin Tarantino horror movie
  2. Candy Corn – the most inedible product on the planet.

Well fortunately for the ladies, Dr. Edna has solved the first problem. Did you know that Dr. Edna was on Survivor prior to jumping into the Shark Tank ? Check out her update, 2 years after the Tank!
Company: Dr Edna’s BareEase

Airdate: October 8, 2013

Filmdate: Early July 2013

TJ; Shark Tank Podcast: How, if at all, did Survivor prepare you for Shark Tank & what mega blockbuster reality show will we see you on next?

Dr. Edna Ma: I would say my experience on survivor helped make me more comfortable being in front of cameras. However, I was still extremely nervous! This was totally different. My survivor experience did not help improve my odds of being selected for shark tank. It is a different network and a different set of casting directors.

On survivor Island, no one knew I was a doctor. On shark Tank, I was asked to wear a physician’s white coat. So everything was different!

What made you decide you were going to try out for Shark Tank..? Was it a light bulb moment, or something that you always knew you would do?

After being on survivor, I knew that TV still has a significant impact and reach. Despite other media outlets, television easily reaches millions of potential customers and investors. I was at a point in my company, where I was ready for an outside investor.

What was the one thing that happened to you in the entire “Shark Tank” process that you didn’t expect?

I didn’t expect that people would perceive not “getting a deal” with one of the five TV sharks, would be interpreted as “not winning.” The majority of people do not realize that fewer than half the deals made on television, never finalize. (Well my audience certainly does, You = informed consumer)

How did you prepare for the Shark Tank Tsunami? Were you satisfied with the results?

I contacted my existing vendors and notifed them of the air date. I could have further optimized my sales on my own site, but due to warehouse logistics, I decided to forward my sales to a third-party vendor. Thus I lost some margin to my customers.

What is the ONE THING from your Shark Tank experience that you would have done differently if you could start all over?

Nothing! I feel I did the best that I could. I also found an excellent investor off-screen, that has helped me in exactly the ways I needed. We also are growing the brand in ways I could’ve never anticipated!

Was there a time when you almost quit, or feared you were headed towards failure?? What did you do?

When I applied for shark Tank, I was ready to call it quits. At that time, I had a busy medical practice, a small baby, and family obligations that kept me very busy. Growing a small business on the side was a losing priority for me at the time that I applied.

What has been most effective for you in terms of sales or marketing?

TV and print media was the most effective for us outside of the shark Tank.

What Retailers (IE Costco, Target, BB&B, Wegman’s, Wal-Mart) are you working with (IF Applicable)

Target would be our largest account now.

If you could go back in time and talk to the you of 3-5 years ago….what would you say?

“Everything will be OK! Don’t stress too much.” :-) (Who isn’t nodding their head right now?)

What will your company look like in 5-10 years? What will you be doing?

In about 5 to 10 years, I hope we will have a growing brand that people can trust. Perhaps we will be aiming to be acquired by a larger healthcare brand.

BareEase can be purchased on Amazon.com & at Target.com. Please check them out!


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