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My most powerful tricks to save time during the day

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I am enjoying my time a lot with my family or friends or kids or colleagues or parents etc. etc... Now you must be saying either she is crazy or she is telling lie. But it’s a truth I have the powerful time management schedule or say powerful tricks! to save my time during the day and of course I am goanna share it with you right here right now. ‘Now let time follow you ‘


Plan your day before you start.

The people who are really ambitious love to just jump into their work as soon as they enter their office. Big mistake. According to the bestselling time management author in history, Brian Tracy, one minute of planning at the start saves ten minutes of work later.

So resist the urge to get stuck into your tasks – work out which tasks even need to be done before you begin.


Know which is faster -- the stairs or elevator.

If you only do it once a day, perhaps not a big deal. But if you spend a lot of time tromping up and down floors, this can really add up. Your daily routine shows you the time management but you don’t notice it.


Rush the unimportant.

It’s a nice concept to do everything superbly, but in today’s lightning speed world it’s just not practical. You can’t do it all well. Pick what’s not vital and rush it. If you don’t you won’t have the extra time needed to get the really valuable stuff done well.


Use a Traffic App

While I wholeheartedly agree that games and almost every other app have no place on your phone, a traffic app like Waze can be a massive time saver. Since the content is user-generated, you will get real time updates on traffic patterns – which will allow you to avoid backups and take shortcuts. This is the one app you really need if you want to save time!


Cut Out The unwanted or nonsense

This is a tough one for those pack rats out there, but it is a huge timesaver to throw away some things and simplify your routine, place of residence, and life. It may take you an entire weekend, but the rest of your year will be substantially better for it! Start by picking up things that may not be totally needed, and really ask “do I absolutely need this?” If the answer is no – throw it away! If there are some things you would like to keep, but want to avoid clutter, rent a small, cheap storage space. It will be worth the peace of mind!

Now here I will like to ask you few question and I hope you will not hesitate to answer those.

1)What are your power tricks for saving time?

2)Are you willing to cut out the nonsense from your daily routine?

3)What do you think? which is faster staircase or elevator?


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