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Meet Dr.Edna



About Edna Ma, M.D.
Keeping your bikini area hair-free is a pain—literally! Your favorite waxing salon may be skilled in hair removal, but they still haven’t come up with a surefire solution for alleviating the pain. Dr. Edna Ma, a board certified anesthesiologist understands that that being beautiful need not be painful. She then devised a plan to make bikini waxing a less dreadful experience, thus the genius of BareEASE. With the new BareEASE, you can have a hair removal experience that you will actually enjoy!

Product Background
Just like most women, Dr. Edna Ma found bikini waxing to be a painful experience. With that in mind, she used her knowledge and experience in anesthesiology to create a kit that will lessen the pain and anxiety that comes with bikini waxing. She formulated a cream that can numb your skin and enable estheticians to give you as painless bikini hair removal available without a prescription.

A topical numbing cream makes more sense than orally administered painkillers (like acetaminophen or ibuprofen), because the effect is isolated to the applied area. Dr. Ma developed the cream formulation that safely numbs your bikini area prior to waxing, to prepare you for painless hair removal. Lidocaine, the active ingredient in BareEASE, is also the most commonly used local anesthetic.

Product Design
Dr. Edna Ma specifically designed BareEASE to be discreet and convenient. The kit comes with a small tube of cream and latex panty. Why do you need both? The cream is packaged in a small tube—the dosed to ensure the maximum safety of lidocaine —and enough to be effective. The panty (made of latex) is designed to allow the cream to stay against your skin and not get on your clothes. Dr. Edna Ma also places value on your comfort, that’s why she made the latex panty seamless and flexible, so you won’t even feel they’re there!

The kit is easy to use! Plan ahead when you’re preparing for your painless bikini hair removal at the waxing salon or at home. Plan your waxing after your period. Trim the hair prior to waxing. For the procedure, keep the hair to ¼- ½ inch, this is the ideal length. If the hair is too long, it will be more painful. But if the hair is too short, the wax will not stick. And finally, don’t forget your BareEASE kit!

Preparing for your painless bikini hair removal for waxing or laser will not be the same without BareEASE.

Dr. Edna’s bio:
Dr. Edna Ma is a practicing board certified anesthesiologist in Los Angeles, California, working both in private and academic hospitals. She earned her M.D. degree from the University of Colorado, and completed her post-graduate residency training at UCLA’s Department of Anesthesiology, where she received comprehensive training and experience in pain medicine and management. She created BareEASE based on both her medical experience in the hospital and own personal experiences of being waxed. Now she hopes to bring her solution to all women! She was a recent contestant on SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC Season 23.


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