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J.P. – April 2013

I actually tried your numbing cream before my most recent Brazilian and it was definitely less painful! What a great, niche (and much needed) product! Bravo!

Dr. DaVeiga – January 2013

I had both of my children without a single speck of pain medication, but send me in for a bikini wax, and I’m climbing the walls freaking out about how much it will hurt. I was thrilled to try BareEase. I applied it at home 30 minutes before my wax appointment as per the package instructions. It worked so well that I could actually tell where I forgot to apply it for my wax when my aesthetician hit one of those spots! BareEase definitely made the entire experience much more bearable. I think I was actually able to breathe while I got a bikini wax, which has never happened before!

Even following the waxing after I left and during the day, the area was much less tender and irritated than in the past. I would love if my salon sold BareEase in case I forgot to apply it at home beforehand. My aesthetician and I joked that they should tell people to come early for a glass of wine and their BareEase application. Then they might not even notice the bikini wax!


H.D. – July 2012

I love your product! It’s amazing and definitely helped with my wax that I always dread.

Anonymous – May 2012 (Lemon Grove, CA)

It definitely helped with the waxing process. Make sure you don’t miss any spots though. The underwear it comes with was surprisingly comfortable, couldn’t tell they were there. Will definitely use again! Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

B.B. (New Mexico)

As a devout recipient of the Brazilian treatment….I can tell you that today’s experience was much more comfortable and with minimal pain all due in part to the BareEase Pain Relieving Cream. Really great product! I am excited to have the opportunity to offer something like this to our clients.

Anonymous – January 2012

This product makes it a LOT LESS “OUCHY.”

Anonymous – September 2011 (Omaha, NE)

This really does reduce the pain of waxing! If you have ever given yourself a braziallian wax then you know the torture you endure! This really is an amazing product. Easy To Use. Good Value. Reduces Irritation

J.S. – September 2011

I am a new found believer of BareEase!!!!! Having an incredibly sensitive/painful scar on the lowest part of my abdomen, I was very doubtful that the BareEase cream and latex panties could seriously numb the area enough that having laser treatments would not be torturous. I was wrong! I did not feel a thing! The RN administering the laser treatment even commented that she was surprised that I did not flinch, that almost all clients complain of some discomfort. Several years ago, I tried using Emla cream and Saran wrap to have the laser hair removal treatment done and couldn’t even complete the session. All I got from the experience was a giant mess and an even more painful scar! I have now completed 2 of the 6 treatments needed for full hair removal using the BareEase product and will most definitely be using this product for the next 4 sessions! I am so thankful for Dr. Ma and her product! Way to go!

C.H. – New York City

Was skeptical about @BareEase but volunteered myself for the experiment at @starkwaxingtoday and it really worked! #amazed !

S.E. – Detroid, MI

I am a newbie at getting bikini waxes. The pain is absolutely awful to me. I know they say the more you go the less it hurts, blah blah blah….WAXING HURTS! But, I do love the results and so does my husband. I was on another forum where a poster suggested a product called Bare Ease. I did a bit of research and found that it was created by a (woman) dermatolgist who’d had a bad waxing experience and decided to do something about it. Basically, the product is a topical numbing cream that contans 4% lidocaine (the maximum allowed for over-the-counter) and a latex panty. You slather this stuff on, slip into the panties and go about your business for about 30 minutes. I have to say, this product really really works!! I didn’t feel the normal rip of the hairs being pulled from my nether-regions!

If you are a bad waxer, like myself, I highly recommend looking into this product! It is a life changer

J.S. – California

The cream and panties worked perfectly! I honestly did not feel a thing, even over my c section scar that it still really sensitive.

K.B. – April 2011

Beauty doesn’t always have to be painful! Thank you BareEase for showing me that waxing can be tolerable… I will only wax again with the help of this product. Works like magic!

M.S. – April 2011

Bare Ease is amazing. I used Bare Ease for laser hair removal and I didnt experience any pain. The underwear are very comfortable and very easy to use. I will be referring this product to my friends.

Anonymous – April 2011

This product is amazing. There’s nothing gimmicky about it–it really works to mitigate the pain associated with hair removal.

Anonymous – January 2011

I just used the product and I am absolutely amazed! It’s fantastic. It really minimizes the soreness after waxing, as well.

A.N. of NY – December 2010

So one of my coworkers used the product yesterday and loved it! Now I’m ordering it for my store.

Anonymous – November 2010

I recently used this product after experience a horrific first-time bikini waxing. I found the pain to be minimal and wondered why my salon in Atlanta didn’t carry the product.

C.P. – August 14, 2010

Yeeeeaah. There is no point of having another wax after trying bare ease. You won’t jump, scream, squirm. I have tried many different waxes, waxers throughout the country and found an excellent one here in LA but still have discomfort. Even she noticed I did not jump once and inquired as to why. It is not worth the pain to go another wax without this! I am spreading the word to never go bare unless one uses bareease!!!

ADS, Eastlake, OH – May 15, 2010

After having been waxed during my first trimester of pregnancy without any numbing agent, I wondered if I could stand the pain to do it again. Now in my third trimester and hoping it wouldn’t send me into labor, I went for it with the use of the BareEase cream kit. I would have to say that despite being extra sensitive in the area and ready to give birth, the cream definitely took the edge off of the sting involved in waxing and made the waxing session tolerable. I was able to lay through it without nearly jumping off the table as I did in times previous. I am definitely curious to try again with BareEase once my baby is born and the area is healed and not so sensitive. The total effects the cream will have will then be truly apparent. I can only imagine that the fear of being waxed will then be completely gone for good due to the BareEase cream!

Dr Ma’s disclaimer for pregnant users: Please consult your obstetrician prior to using this or any “down there” products.

Stacie S., Tarzana, CA

BareEase is the most convenient, affordable and easy to use hair removal numbing product I’ve come across. I would recommend this product to any woman who is tired of the painful process involved in hair removal and who cannot afford spending hundreds of dollars for overpriced prescription numbing medications. The box is so small I can put it in my purse and take it on the go…no more running around with tubes of numbing cream or underwear sticking to cream applications because everything is in the box, including the disposable undies!

Nakiko B., Inglewood, CA

I have always been a little apprehensive about getting waxed for the simple fact that it is very painful, but after using BareEase I have to say with this product on the market, I will be getting waxed a lot more often. Very easy to use and the disposable panties are an awesome idea. I felt little or no pain and the lady doing the waxing was safe from being kicked in the face. Lol. Very awesome product.

Jess W., Fort Wayne, IN

There are so many horror stories of waxing down below, I didn’t think I would ever try it. Thanks to BareEase, however, I was able to climb on the table and let the strips fly. I loved it and so did my boyfriend!! Good bye to razors… hello BareEase.

BareEase made the pain almost nonexistent and now, I will never be waxed without BareEase.

Jeanie C., Beverly Hills, CA

I’ve always wanted to try to get a Brazilian wax, but have been too afraid of the pain. When BareEase came out, I thought I’d try it. The kit was really easy to use and made my first time painless. Now I tell all my friends about this great new product!

Alex H., Los Angeles, CA

After using BareEase I was pleased to feel less pain while waxing. I was surprised that after my Brazilian wax no throbbing was felt. I am an aesthetician by trade and I would recommend this product.

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